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Yes, it is your business.

Maybe he or she is your friend, your sister-in-law, your cousin, your co-worker, your gym partner or your fishing buddy. You've noticed that their partner interrupts them, criticizes their family, yells at them or scares them. You hope that when they're alone, it isn't worse.

What can you do?
Say something. Ask them if they feel safe in their relationship and/or if they would like to talk to someone. 

In addition, you can donate your time or resources to North Shore Horizons.

There is an ongoing need for the items below:

  • Bath towels
  • Diapers--all sizes
  • Baby Wipes
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Tampons, pads
  • Silverware
  • A snow blower
  • Winter outerwear (coats, boots, mittens, and hats--women and children)
  • Dish sets--new or gently used
  • Bed sets--blankets and sheets (twin, full, and queen)
  • Socks
  • $20 gas gift cards
  • $20 Super One gift cards

1. Support someone who has experienced sexual or domestic violence:

  • Be supportive. What they need most is someone who will believe and listen to them.
  • Be non-judgmental. Respect your friend or family member's decisions. There are many reasons why
    victims stay in abusive relationships or don't report sexual assaults. He or she may leave and return
    to the relationship many times. Do not criticize his or her decisions or try to guilt them.
  • Help them recognize that what is happening is not normal or their fault and they are not alone.
    Professional help and support are available.
  • Help to empower your loved one. Rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence are crimes that take
    away an individual's power, and it is important not to compound this experience by putting pressure
    on your loved one to do things that he or she is not ready to do yet.
  • Encourage him or her to participate in activities outside of the relationship with friends and family.
  • If he or she has to go to the hospital, police, court, or to a lawyer, offer to go along for moral support.

Remember that you cannot 'rescue' him or her. Although it is difficult to see someone you care about get hurt, ultimately the person getting hurt has to be the one to decide that they want to do something about it. It's important for you to support him or her and help them find a way to safety and peace

2. Volunteer:

  • Help with building and office maintenance like lawn mowing, painting, gardening, sorting household donations, and making outreach packets.
  • Join a committee to help raise awareness of violence prevention in our communities. North Shore Horizons holds several events every year to raise awareness of domestic and sexual violence. We are always looking for creative people who want to have fun and dedicate a few hours toward an event.
  • Stop in and help for the day. There is always something that needs to be done at North Shore Horizons: office work, organizing donations, hanging posters, minor maintenence jobs, etc.
3. Donate:
Please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Your contribution will help women, men and children affected by domestic and sexual violence, many starting their lives over again. There are many ways to give:
  • Make a gift online through the link on our home page.
  • Send a check to: North Shore Horizons, 127 7th St., Two Harbors, MN 55616-0206
  • Make a pledge. You set the amount and payment schedule. Contact us for more information.
  • Use your company's matching gift program to double or triple your gift.
  • Make a gift of stocks or bonds. Contact Steph at 218-834-5924.
  • Make a memorial or tribute gift in honor of a special person. We will include their name with yours in our newsletter.
  • Celebrate a special occasion in your life. What better way to recognize a birthday, wedding, retirement or other special occasion than by making a gift to North Shore Horizons to transform our community?
  • Help to widen our circle of supporters. Share your vision for a violence free society by hosting a lunch
    or coffee meeting to introduce North Shore Horizons to others. We will provide a speaker and help
    with the details.
North Shore Horizons offers Free Confidential Help: 218-834-5924 • email